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bulletsLonely Planet is the largest and well acclaimed travel magazine & its travel awards are one of the most sought after ones

bulletsThe magazine was launching its 100th issue

bulletsThe issue spoke about different carnivals everywhere in the world

bulletsThe idea was to replicate the 100th issue and carnival theme at the awards


Since the entire evening was a celebration, we incorporated festivities from across the globe and got them together for a carnival setup

To also engage the audience, we also set up interesting travel oriented photo booths for the attendees

Every element on the stage and in the venue, had a colour scheme that reflected the spirit of carnival and commemorated the 100th issue of the magazine


bulletsMore than 400 travel enthusiasts attended the award night

bulletsWith a hot air balloon photo-op and multiple brand sponsorship arenas, the site was decked with travel stories

bulletsThe versatile artist Luke Kenny was the host of the evening and kept the audience occupied throughout the evening

Key Highlights

bulletsEvery element reflected the magazine’s 100th issue milestone

bulletsThe cover page of the magazine was recreated in the venue setup designs

bulletsThe cover also had a hot air balloon which was made into a photo booth

bulletsAlong with celebrations and carnivals, the cover page too was brought to life