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bulletsFountainhead’s mandate was to conceptualise and execute the Close up First Move Party that catered to youngsters between 16 to 23 years and encouraged them to make their first moves

bulletsOur responsibilities included the entire conceptualisation, managing pre-promotion buzz at various colleges in Mumbai and Delhi, various interactive zones, production and artist management

bulletsThe objective was to create a memorable party that brought young individuals closer through various engagements, entertainment, fun, food, and shopping


bulletsWe designed two main zones for the festival: Play and Party

bulletsPlay consisted of a host of engagement zones and a small stage

bullets‘Don’t let go’ was a game in which two people came together on a balance board to complete various tasks in a stipulated time

bullets‘Work it out’ was based on speed, time and working in tandem wherein 2 people cycled it together to light up a wall

bullets‘Fall Head Over Heels’ saw couples twist and turn and get close using the game of Twister

bullets‘Brush up your First Move Skills’ has the audience actually brushing their teeth while performing crazy dance steps and other movements that were thrown up to them on a LED screen

bullets‘Listen to Your Art’ allowed attendees to show off their art on a digital graffiti wall

bullets‘Get on the Same Page’ allowed those attending to ‘get clicked’ and make a personalized flipbook

bullets The second zone, ‘Party’, consisted of the main stage, and Campus Street (Food and Flea)


bulletsAt registration, all the guests were given RFID tags which were linked with their Facebook accounts. Each time they visited an activity area, the participants had to scan their RFID bands, following which a unique message was uploaded on their respective Facebook accounts

bulletsAll the fun activities built up to performances by B-boying, Salsa, Drum Café and Amit Trivedi which enlightened the mood of the festival and brought the attendees closer

Key HighlightsKey Highlights

bulletsThe event also saw the launch of the Closeup Shaandar Pack by the actors Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

bulletsThe Delhi event took place at specially created air conditioned hanger at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and saw more than 900 college students attend, while the Mumbai event happened at Mehboob Studio with an attendance of over 1200.

bulletsYoungsters were engaged with various interesting activity zones especially including the ‘brush your teeth’ activity kiosk

bulletsThe headlining performance by Amit Trivedi and band along with the special appearance of actors Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt made this event unforgettable